Mike Cundiff coordinates a cooperative buying club and provides access to local meat, eggs, cheese, and honey.  You can check out the catalogs in the studio for Frankferd Farms, Organic Foods, or go to their website,

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Just email Mike at with your order (name of item, item number, amount).  Frankferd delivers it to the studio at 311 Rivermont Avenue.  Mike packages your order up and totals up the amount you owe.  You leave a check when you pick up your order.  There is a refrigerator at the studio where Mike will store your tofu, yogurt etc.

If you are interested in things not in the Frankferd catalog – local meats, eggs, cheeses, turkeys at Thanksgiving…  just email Mike about getting them for you.

WHEN DO I ORDER?  WHEN DO I PICK UP MY ORDER?  You order for pick up the following week.  Here are the 2014 dates by which your order is due to Mike:  Feb. 11; March 11; April 8; May 6; June 3; July 1; July 29; August 26; September 23; October 21; November 17.  You pick up your order the following week.  Mike will keep the white board on the easel at the studio updated with your order due date and pick up info.

Frankferd Farms (Organic Foods) is a terrific source for bulk flours and grains, beans, dried fruit, rice, tofu, dairy products, toiletries, and on and on – all for less money than Kroger.  You don’t have to buy 25 pound bags, either. You can buy just one jar of spices, or a one pound bag for flour, etc.  It is the ONLY place in Lynchburg to find firm tofu (page 12 of the catalog, Phoenix Organic).  You may find more information on

We have an inexpensive CURBSIDE RECYCLING service in Lynchburg.  You purchase your bin and, for $8.95 per month, you can mix ALL your recyclables – including glass – for pick up every two weeks.  Contact or call 1-800-476-6780 to register.  If you mention Nancy Allen, you will get a free month.